Today was one of those early spring days here in New England where the sun is shining brightly, it is warm enough to be outside without a coat and finally just finally you are certain that winter is over.

I was inspired enough to hang the remainder of the blinds in our office and tackle the cleaning of 8 windows downstairs. It really is amazing what a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels can do! Our neighbors were all out and about (have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood), we were chatting it up and Marley got tons of front yard time in the sun! We were all little bees coming out of our individual hives to check in and peer tentatively at the larger world.

The sun and weather and socialization definitely helped my mood stay buoyant. The last few days I have found myself brooding over our economy; specifically our finances. We are both lucky to have our jobs but the reality of not getting raises this year or my bonus has had us tightening things in where we can. Since I take care of most of the bills I feel like I am often the bad guy declaring that, no, in fact we can’t afford this or that. In truth neither of us want frivolous things – there are just so many things we want to do around the house!

Tomorrow it’s back to the office. I am hanging at home in the evenings, except for Wednesday when I will hang out with Miss. Alexa!


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