It seems the economy is effecting everyone a little more close to home these days and we are no exception. We have had some changes in our finances quite recently that we are starting to really feel. Luckily, we both still have our jobs. We sat down Saturday to work through the numbers and create a budget for the next 6 months. It was a downright bummer, and I’ll admit stressful.


Some of it is due to debt we are working on paying down, but not getting raises or bonuses this year really stings, especially in conjunction with the cost of everything seeming to be on an endless up swing. I was feeling really anxious about it Saturday night; everything just seems like bottomless pit with regard to ever getting caught up; never mind getting ahead. We’d like to refinance to get a better rate for the long-term but until we pay down some other bills AND save up what we would need to pay for closing costs we have to wait.


Adam seems to be able to not get anxious or stressed out by finances. He is able to roll with these things. I know that we will work through this. I know there are many things we have to be grateful for and I know we do still have our jobs. I know (and appreciate all of this) but our situation right now is just as it is and having to watch every dime has a way of making me nervous.


For now it’s going to be a whole lot of staying home, tightening the tight purse strings, and possibly finding a way to put the dog to work.

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