I wish days like this would last forever. It was an absolutely perfect day. Not one, not two, but THREE long walks with Marley and a neighborhood that was alive with spring!

We live less than a block away from a baseball field and playgorund and today was Opening Day for both the Major and Minorkids league teams in town. Wally from Fenway made an appearence signing autogrpahs and taking photos and there were at least thiry bazillion kids playing baseball. Our team in town played a team from Vancouver, Canada. It all started with a parade at noon, and we just finished our last walk with Marley (7:15 pm) and the festivites were just wrapping up.

We made a trip to Home Depot where we got some replacement windows for our basement and I scouted out spring flowers for the front garden. I made a mid-day jaunt to Barnes and Noble and shock of all shocks was able to walk out without making a purchase.

It are days like this that make me feel so alive and happy. I swear the M-F 9-5 hamster wheel of life is so soul sucking compared to days like this! The good news is another weekend comes again in just 5 days!

What did you do today?

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