Today started out OK for a Monday, progressed to a nice lunch with a co-worker and ended with me feeling angry.

I am angry at the way things seem to be going at work; that I got yet another certain type of project at work. All I will say is that when I started this job the focus of our department was going in one direction and in the last six months it has gone a different way with different types of projects. Projects that don’t hold interest for me. Projects that are different than what I thought I would be working on.

I know with the economy the way it is I am lucky to have a job; I really do feel I am lucky and I have no plans on going anywhere. The people are great and it is great company. I just am feeling frustrated that I am not working on something that is engaging to me.

Coming home I was ended up gnarley about some insurance rate increases that we have. I know it is a a rate hike just like happens to everything pretty much on an annual basis but it can feel like such a rip off at times. Especially when you pay into the insurance and then get seemingly so little back. Ack. Believe it or not I am talking about Pet Insurance for Marley! We paid out $608 for her surgery and we get only $222 back. It hardly makes the $45 a month premium worth it. I think I need to re-asses this one.

I know I don’t have much to complain about; I am realizing as I write this out that angry might be too harsh but today I do feel like growling like an angry panda!

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