I am utterly wiped out tonight but it is the best kind of tired ever. Remember when you were a kid and spent the whole day at the beach, in the water almost all day and you came home feeling waterlogged by the water and toasted from being in the sun all day but you were blissfully happy and carefree?

I may not be carefree but I am happily waterlogged by the weather and life this this weekend. It was an amazingly summery weekend with temperatures in the high 80’s all weekend. It isn’t going to stay this warm, but it was a nice prelude to summer and a notification that we will definitely need the air conditioners as our new home gets all afternoon sun and holds heat like the sand on the beach making it warm well into the evenings.

Saturday was a full day of spending time with my niece. After getting up with her at 6:30 AM and doing all kinds of outside stuff – I was ready for a nap myself when she napped! All in all we made three trips to the playground, one trip to my parents’ house, 2 walks in the neighborhood, a trip to Whole Foods (for breakfast yummies) and the nap. It was a great day …and I was in bed sleeping by 9:30 PM!

Today was more of the same, but also some time with my husband pulling out and spraying down all of the yard furniture and lolling about the yard reading.

Tonight we are having a small birthday party – the dessert type – for my mom! Happy Birthday mom! This week is supposed to be cooler in the 60’s except for Tuesday which is supposed to be 92-degrees! Can you say Global Warming causing all of these weird shifts in temperature?!?

Hope your weekend was a great one too!

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