Ella became official today with the signing of her papers and 32 hours after entering the hospital my sister in law and brother arrived home with her. Amazing how fast it all happens. But I also have to say this. My sister in law is AMAZING. She is in amazing shape and has amazing serenity and zen-ness about her. If I had just had a second baby and had a 2 year old at home, I just might choose to hide out in the hospital as long as possible. They are all home and tucked in safe and sound to start the journey as a family of four – or seven if you count the two cats and dog.

This week is a wild one at work. I have a major meeting tomorrow and then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I am at a Workshop for work. This weekend – even aside from Miss Ella arriving – everything was a whirlwind. We spoke briefly to a realtor about putting the house on the market and will meet with him when Adam gets back from FL – we did the hard task of sitting down and deciding the split of assets and debts – and I felt no less than 10,000,000 different emotions. *sigh*

You may find that I am writing rather practically about all of the logistics and not so much of the emotions. Truth is I am not sure what I am really feeling – it changes every hour – but I do know I am doing what I need to for me. I guess I will try to write more about the emotions when I can slow down long enough to let myself feel them; right now it’s just hard – but if I am being honest today was easier than I anticipated. All I can do is take it one day at at time.

Who knew a baby could laugh at 28 hours old – sure looks like Ella is or, it might just be a yawn!

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