Today I started off feeling strong ~ and ended up in a heap of tears in my therapists office. *sigh* It was a first meeting with her and we clicked. It is such a great thing to click with a therapist. I knew she was a keeper when she said to me “stop” you need to go “home”. Wherever that is just pick a time and go for three days. She didn’t know at the time that my family lives a 5 minute drive from me, but she was glad when she heard it.

This weekend will be “my time”.

She told me to go and be somewhere out of my house and stop doing things – stop doing work, stop doing housework, stop doing paperwork for all the administrative stuff, just go home and let someone else make me a sandwich, bring me tea, watch a good movie, cry, stay up late, get a lot of hugs, do whatever I needed to do but stop taking care of everyone else.

I like her. A lot. I am not sure if I am going to really go to my parents for the whole weekend since Adam is in FL anyway, but I may go for Saturday night. After I make it through the next three days at the executive workshop thing I have to go to for work because they already paid a ton of money for it, I am going to have no plans for Friday from 2:00 on, Saturday and Sunday.

Today I just feel overwhelmed by process. We are doing this as amicably as possible and the paperwork is still outrageous. *sigh*

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