I made it through the seminar and I can actually say that today wasn’t that bad. It was interesting even. We learned more about the “softer skills” of Change Management and Motivation and then heard each company team present the proposal for their project. Each team – ours included will present the work we have done when we come back to part II of the workshop in May.

I am taking a personal day tomorrow. I just need to. Tonight is the first night I have not been running on overdrive since everything has been happening. As I am writing this I just realized it has been a week today. Funny how one week can seem like it was only two days ago and at the same time have been the longest week ever. I don’t even feel guilty about taking a personal day (usually I do and usually a personal day is used to get something done). This time it is about needing time to do nothing. The only thing I will be doing is meeting with the lawyer at 2:00.

It is a free consultation and I am hoping that I can get everything I need from him in the free 30 minutes. I know this is unlikely but I can hope. I just need someone to help us finalize the documents, deem them ready to go, and then tell me what to do with them.

Think I can get all that out of him in 30-minutes? Given that he is a lawyer and probably likes to talk I am not too optimistic, but a girl can be hopeful can’t she?

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