For a day off from work I think I actually got a lot accomplished without feeling overwhelmed.

Trip to jewelers with mom to sell some useless gold – old rings bracelets etc. – turned out to be a long visit but a profitable one walking away with $250. Not bad for stuff that has sat in a box in my underwear drawer for years.

Great lunch with mom and a great glass of wine – LOL I think she was a little surprised to see me toss back a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with my panini sandwich at noon, but graciously didn’t say a word.

Visit with the lawyer -a slightly dweeby but nice enough and happy to help – for a retainer fee of course. *sigh* Even though things are amicable I am just too afraid to go it on my own. He will do all the paperwork and processing and guide us through the process. Technically he represents me (because he can only represent one person) but he gets it that neither of us want this to be a contentious process and thinks it is all pretty straightforward.

Meltdown over finances and how the hell I am going to swing it all.

Nice dinner with mom and dad who are being amazing.

Drinks with a friend who had exactly the right amount of distraction and also focus on how I was feeling – kept me out late enough but not too late; made sure I had just enough to drink but not too much.

Dog sleeping next to me, roof over my head, a family that is being amazingly supportive, great friends who keep reaching out and offering just what I need…I am counting my blessings.

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