I am not sure what I want to post about today. I was up a 4:00 am this morning – no real reason – and I have to be up at 5:00 am Thursday morning to do testing on some applications at work that are being upgraded in the middle of Wednesday night into Thursday. I better catch up on some sleep tonight.

Life has been a whirlwind – logistically and emotionally. I feel like my emotions might/will catch up with me soon but I am doing OK a the the moment. I am stressed and a bit overwhelmed at all that has to happen logistically in the next 6- weeks but the emotional level of my heart is OK. Mostly I am excited for new beginnings and when I do look back I am finding myself wondering how I did it for so long.

More to explore there I am sure – isn’t there always?

Logistically we have a 2nd meeting with the Real Estate guy (Tom) Thursday and the goal is to have a first Open House on 3/28 – yes two Sundays away – so there is a lot of house prep that has already started. We will come up with a final listing price this week.

I am now the proud “owner” of not one but TWO lawyers – one handling the divorce and another handling the oversight of the sale of the house paperwork. It makes me feel a little important to have have two lawyers – it also makes me feel a lot broke – especially since “I wanted this (the divorce) I get to pay the lawyers. Lucky me.

I’m hanging in there at work – some bumps in the transition but I am hopeful that we will work through them and not too worried.

Stay tuned for posts about, “How I also need a car”, and “How to find an apartment with a rather large, rather grumpy dog”

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