What another crazy day! The eye twitch is still twitching away. Thank you to all who suggested an eye-path but (1) I am barely coordinated enough with both eyes and covering one up would not help with me my lack of coordination, and (2) well unless I “had” to I am not really the eye patch type – although thank you to all who thought I would make a good pirate.

So this morning in addition to the twitch I awoke to find that I have to amazingly impressive zits on my face. Stellar my skin is resorting back to when I was 14! All of these things are attributed to the The Stress Factor – which is distinctly different but yet somehow tied to The Emotional Factor so I know it will all go away.

The good news for the day is that we got a listing price for our house and it is above what we purchased the house for two years ago. So while I don’t think we are going to walk away and make a killing, there will hopefully be a little something to walk away with in my pocket.

All of this is leaving me happier than normal that tomorrow is Friday and (this is the best part) I only have one meeting at work! I am hoping to catch up, take a longer lunch, and wrap up a little early so I can get outside and enjoy the nice weather we have been having!

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