I am so glad it is Friday! How amazing has this weather been? I can’t wait to be in the sun, run errands this weekend in the sun; visit friends in the sun; test drive cars in the sun… pack in the sun?

And maybe if I keep talking about the sun and how happy it makes me I won’t have a panic attack over actually packing the house. Technically we don’t have to pack the house until we sell it but the organizing we have to do to stage it is almost as crazy and it involves some packing too.

The thing is I am starting to get angry at my husband. Yes, I get that I am the breaker-uper and he is the guy that is getting left. But, the reality is if we are going to come out of this with some cash from selling our house it needs to be cleaned up and staged – by next Thursday and this includes the garage and the basement – his two areas.

I have spent every night this week working through piles of stuff – keep this, toss that, what goes to him, what to me – and all I have asked is that he take care of the garage and the basement. He has not done one single thing AND he decided to pick up extra shifts at work this weekend because he needs the money – I get that I really do – but we agreed that we would spend Saturday taking care of things – and what does he do? Picks up not one but two shifts – day and night – on both Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t want to cause a ruckus in our already tenuous living together until we sell the house situation but really? He can’t just do the garage and the basement? My patience is wearing thin. I mean am I wrong? Is it just my job to do everything because I am the one that initiated the split? Its his stuff – if I have to take care of it he may not like how I take care of it.

Tomorrow the focus is test driving some cars – I am thinking pretty basic – a Corolla and a Civic. I am going to try and breathe in the sunny warm air and not stress for a few hours about the rest of it.

P.S. Janet I am bringing the wine tomorrow!

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