have a bellyache!

Selling a home is not for the weak of heart. We have been in back and forth negotiations all day. Here is a track record of what we have been bouncing around:

  • Two weeks ago the house was listed at $439,000
  • They came in with an offer that was RIDICULOUSLY low
  • We didn’t even bother to counter them
  • Two week later we lowered the price to $422,000 bc we realized it was overpriced compared to others in the ‘hood.
  • They came in with an offer that was still much lower than we felt was reasonable
  • Again we did not bother to counter them
  • Earlier this week our realtor reached out to their realtor to say we would negotiate but only if they came up some.
  • This morning they came with an offer that was reasonable but not great
  • We countered with an offer
  • They came back and countered our counter offer
  • The ball is in our court at the moment

Our realtor is encouraging us to counter again calling it a game of cat-and-mouse or chess. At this point we are back and forthing over $5,000 or less. Yes that is a lot of money but I am tired of playing the cat and mouse game and I want to move on with things. Our realtor keeps saying, “they will come up the $5,000 they are not going to walk away over $5,000.” I keep saying, “I don’t want to lose them as a buyer over $5,000.” I get people – at least most of the time, and I have been a homebuyer too. I know the buyer wants to feel like they “won”, that we accepted their offer and they did not have to “give in” to our offer. It is a game but not a physical game of cat and mouse – it is more of a psyhcological head game about who “called it”.

My gut is saying go for it; Adam and I are in agreement that we are going to wait another hour or so and then make the call on what to do.

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