Ever feel like your life is a blender – or rather the stuff in the blender – like you are on some wild ride that you don’t really reacall getting on? You know you will get off at some point but for now, you are just holding on for dear life. Last night I had my night of crying – luckily Marley was nice enough to let me curl up and lie on her bed with her and just cry. Dogs are so good like that.

Ya, that’s me. At least today was a good wild ride. The highlights:


Our home inspection went “well” not quite sure what that means but it passed the radon test, the lead paint test, and no one went screaming in alarm. So now we wait a day or two to see if the buyer come back with anything and if not (we pray not) then we sign the Purchase and Sale by May 6th. (I will allow myself a cautious yay! here).


I have an apartment! I have a signed lease and can move in early June. Marley passed her “interview” with flying colors laying calmly in the grass and not being her normal spastic yet lazy self. I should say that I got an apartmetn that is the first floor of a 2 family house and not the Clarendon unit in the larger complex. More details on the new apartment coming soon.


We have a court date – May 17th for filing our divorce. SeI am super grateful tonight for my family who is helping me finagle the logistics of paying for first and last month’s rent BEFORE I actually have the proceeds from the sale of my house.

I am super grateful for my boss who didn’t blink an eye when I raced in at 2:00 pm and said (all in one breath) I need a favor I have to leave early to look at an apartment and I know I have taken a lot of time lately but I really need to do this please. He simply said, “go take care of what you need to – check in on email and I will see you tomorrow”.

I am super grateful for my friends, some of who are going through a lot of their own serious shit at the moment but who are always there and I mean always being supportive even when I am sick of hearing myself talk, they still listen.

and yes,

I am super grateful for a soon to be ex-husband who is being amicable through all of this even though he hates it with every bone in his body. I will forever be sorry that I had to hurt him so deeply in this process.

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