am incredibly ready to say goodbye to this Tuesday.

Today was a tough one on a few fronts, but most saddening was that I found out a good friend of mine has breast cancer. There are 1001 types, severities, and treatments. I have not yet talked to her directly as she just found out this morning and was understandably taking the day for herself. She is one of the healthiest most active people I have ever met and this news was shocking. She had just had a genetic test a few months ago to see if she had the gene for breast cancer and it came back negative. That certainly doesn’t mean she would never get it, but that it came back negatively so recently and then now, only a few months later she has breast cancer is just scary.

Emotionally for me it was not one of my better days on the journey through divorce-land. Who knows why. If anyone out there has some prayers they want to send along, please pray for my friend and also pray that someone comes along at the open house and makes us a decent offer that we can take and be done with it. I realize that is hopeful thinking but maybe, just maybe?

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