I am trying to channel all of my positive outlook on this but since this is my blog I am going to set a disclaimer and then vent.

Disclaimer: Consider yourself warned. I am very close to losing my patience with A.

I am a good person and I think I am being VERY fair about everything surrounding our separation. However, if he doesn’t start helping out with the logistics of selling the house my desire to be 50/50 fair will cease to exist as well. It shouldn’t surprise me, that his lack of effort and motivation are his MO – it has been this way for years. I just figured he would want this all over and done with too.

As of today he has packed 3 boxes – all of his CDs from the shelves in the basement. I am not going to list how many boxes I have packed up, how many appointments with the real estate agent I have had, how many forms I have filled out, how much money I have put up front for the divorce lawyer (I asked for the divorce this cost should be mine I suppose), the real estate lawyer, the landscaper (to get curb appeal), and everything else. I don’t want a pat on the back or a reward, I just want him to fix a few things around the house, pack a few boxes, get his stuff together so the house looks presentable this weekend.

I get it – I signed up for the work of “getting out” of our marriage when I asked for the divorce – what I did not sign up for is to carry him on this – to pick up after him every time he walks into a room, to carry it all, fix it all take care of it all, but – if I walk away from doing the work we (I) am going to end up with a mountain of legal fees to pay someone else to chase him around.

So, I am sucking it up – again – for now to just get through the sale of the house.

Internet people please give me strength…and sauvignon blanc and oreos…please.Pa

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