As I start to look at apartments I wonder if I will be lonely living alone? I am really glad that I have Marley. Sometimes just having another living breathing being helps me feel connected. I have always enjoyed my alone time, and at points in my life have even craved it – usually when I am not getting enough of it.

The apartment I looked at earlier today had a crazy great deck off the back with my private entrance that overlooked some wooded area with houses off beyond the wooded area. The deck gets afternoon sun which is great and it has a lot of privacy. But I wonder. I wonder if I will miss being able to look out and see some kinds of coming and goings on the street. Will the privacy after all these years of living with someone make me feel lonely.

I don’t think so but I wonder. All of this change in my life has kept me pretty busy the last few weeks and when I slow down I wonder. About this and a thousand other things. Not (too) worried or nervous, just wondering about it all.

If there is one thing that this separation is teaching me it is that nothing is permanent. So when I think about whether or not my next apartment will be a perfect apartment it doesn’t worry me too much because I know that it can change (although I would prefer to not move again too soon)!

Change is obviously not too bothersome to me these days since I cut off quite a bit of hair when I went to get my hair cut/colored this weekend. Someday my hair might look like a brunette version of this

but for now it is similar but with some more bangs and a little less wild wispys. I am still getting the hang of styling it and drying it with the round brush but it’s fun and I feel sassier.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Feeling sassy?

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