Is the weekend over already? Really?!?! Because I could use another day or two at least. It has been a weekend chock full of everything! Everything except relaxing.

Most importantly, our open house today went well – our realtor had two inquiry calls after the open house. One person is a friend of our neighbor across the street and really likes the house. It would be great if it worked out. I am a big proponent of karma and I feel like someone gave us a break when we wanted to buy this house and I would really love for someone to get the house who really loves it and the neighborhood. I have my fingers crossed that it works out but I think they might have a house of their own that they would have to sell before being able to commit to buying. A contingency offer is better than no offer but not really what I am hoping for.

According to our realtor, the other person sounds like a possible “nickel and dimer” but given that we listed out house higher than we originally planned we could possible have some wiggle room to meet a buyer on price.

I am trying to stay optimistic mostly because I saw an amazing apartment that I loved today – it’s so tricky because I can’t get an apartment until we have a solid deal on the table but I soooo want this apartment – it’s for June first so I am thinking the timing might work out. For now I have the leasing person promising to call me before giving the apartment to anyone else!

Every week is presenting so much change as this journey unfolds. Please keep prayers going that we have a buyer soon!

p.s. this show LIFE on The Discovery Channel is amazing.

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