Remember Chris, who I met once, for approximately 60 minutes. We met for coffee and conversation was easy, he was really, I mean really handsome, and I was nervous? That’s how I knew it was good. I was nervous and I only get nervous when I really want things to go well. These 60 minutes mattered because I left happy. I went from nervous to happy in 60 minutes.

Now I am trying to play the balance game. He is away in another country for work for 6 months so there is no pressure for a 2nd date (although through banter I have learned that he too had a nice time and I would make it to a date #2). We are emailing, not every day, but occasionally. At first I never thought I would hear from him and I really was OK with that. I mean I am not stupid we only met for 60 minutes before he left for 6 months.

But now I get excited when I see an email from him. I find myself having those silly conversations with myself like, “Is it too soon to email him back?” “Should I play harder to get?” Harder to get?! He is over 6,900 miles away for THE NEXT FIVE MONTHS – have I lost my mind?

I think I am losing my mind. But there was something about those 60 minutes, that definitely left me wanting to know more and wondering about date #2.

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