Every once in awhile I will get so bothered by something that I actually stop talking about it and get quiet; almost reticent. In essence I guess I stop caring.

I am at that point at work. I’m just done trying to get people to see how bad a certain situation/person is and I am done trying to make it easy for others.

I talked to DS today and he gave me the OK to delegate more, in fact he has been encouraging it. So delegate I will. With regard to the other situation – I show up, do what I am asked to do, and that’s it. Do you know that it has taken me less time to get divorced (from the time we had “the talk” until we went to court was 14 weeks) than it has taken this certain project at work to get launched? The date has moved 4 times and I am still not sure that the current date at the end of this month will happen.

I am tired of putting up with someone’s behavior at the expense of the project and other team members. Other people say they see it, say they too disagree with it – but yet nothing gets done. If this person’s is not getting him in hot water, why the hell should others try to do better.

Really it supports the notion that mediocrity is supported encouraged. Why do more? It is really disheartening.

Tomorrow’s Friday.

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