Today was one of those random Sundays that included football, laundry, visiting a friend in the hospital (nothing too serious at the moment), a walk with my dog, a long distance IM with a friend. The only hiccup was the really bad coffee date I had this morning.

I am not high maintenance at all. I love my jeans and fleece and in fact I think I look pretty darn cute in my jeans, black turtleneck sweater and either black boots or clogs. This morning I went for the clogs, Sunday morning more casual, you know.

He went for the oldest, most stained pair of faded navy khaki pants he had, worn, a shapeless, nubby long sleeve t-shirt that was covered and I mean covered in dog hair. I am a huge dog person and it was gross even to me. Worse yet, he looked like he needed a date with a toothbrush; and yes even worse yet he did not ask me anything about myself, couldn’t make eye contact, and after 20 minutes said he had “to go rake leaves”.

Maybe I was equally unappealing to him. Oh well. Honestly I was not sad that it was over quickly and it was so appalling to me that he showed up so unkempt that it was laughable. He told me he had been on for 3 years and had met over 100 people. Poor us.

So far in my dating repertoire post divorce I have had three dates:
One went amazing – downside he got deployed with the Air Force until March.
One went OK  – downside just not chemistry for a 2nd date but he was nice enough to have dinner with.
One was terrible (this morning) upside it only lasted 20 minutes.

All of this had me thinking just for a few fleeting moments today that I missed A. But only missed the good parts like having someone to spend Sundays with. Not missing the frustrating parts. I am optimistic that I will not be alone forever post -divorce but what if? Can’t help that thought from creeping in.

When it does I usually just distract myself and move on. Like right now.

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