Tonight I became Typical Libra. About 9 years ago I started a blog with a cool name. A name I loved. About 7 years ago I inadvetantly let the domain name expire and in the month it was expired someone came a long and bought it from under me. That someone happened to be a porn site. To add insult in injury it is a defunct porn site that has had an “upgrade” page posted for over a year, so it’s not even an active porn site.

I tried to contact them (oh yes I did!) to see if I could get my domain name back. No luck. In the meantime I started another blog (well several but that is just one of the reasons I am a typical libra). So I started another blog with a similar name. You know but kept it shut off from search listings. I work at a place that isn’t really cool with blogging about work.

Every once in awhile I google my blog to make sure it doesn’t show up and of course as I knew it would eventually, it did. So now, my new blog is appearing as the top three search results and guess what the number 4 search result is. You got it! The porn site.

So not only would work frown on me having a blog where I bitch about work, but I am guessing they might not like me (presumably) being affiliated with my old blog name which is now a defunct porn site.

Or maybe no one would ever care or ever find it.

Better to worry about it and be safe.

This is the mind of a Typical Libra.

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