How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Wonder for me started appearing in the most innocent of places about 3.5 years ago when my first niece was born. Ever since then (and it is so cliche) seeing things through the eyes of a child(ren) has been amazing. Things I take for granted suddenly seem SO critically important – recently it was very serious discussion about Santa and his beard 🙂

Being able to slow down, stoop down (to their height), and so utterly be in the moment I can see myself being fascinated by the simple things – “Do you think all those baby ants are going to a birthday party? Well, I never wondered about it before….they could be!”

So kids, specifically my nieces have cultivated a sense of wonder for me. Just having a baby come into your life, you start to wonder about the wonder of how on earth all of the 1,000,001+ things that need to happen in 9 months all happen and in the end there is a baby. Amazing.

Switching gears for a moment, the ocean and any other grand scene in nature also takes me breath away and leaves me so full of wonder at the power and vastness of nature.

Lastly the other thing that leaves me in wonder is the human spirit. It really is just a strength that triumphs when called upon, when we least think we can – we do. So many times this year I have come across people who have been dealing with tremendous health, financial, or other hardships and nonetheless they persevere. The human spirit – blows me away every time.

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