Where have I been? It seems like posting regularly is harder than usual for some reason these days. I have all this stuff running through my head that I think would be good to write about and then I get to the end of my day and I get distracted or I am just plain ole tired.

Everything is good. I am enjoying the days leading up to the holiday. Everyone had a great time at my parents house last night. We had a pre-Christmas Christmas with my brother and the girls to celebrate all together before they head off to CA for the holiday. The big hit was of course the bike that my parents gave her bit I also think she enjoyed these silly frog mittens from my aunt. Looks like fun to me!

I have a bunch of stuff to finish up at work in the next two days but luckily my meeting schedule has drastically dwindled as everyone is trying to finish up before heading out for the break. Work has been a lot of the same. I am super excited about a super secret meeting I have tomorrow morning. It is a very preliminary meeting nothing even official yet but it *could* be something promising.

Maybe I should borrow the super special frog mittens to for good luck.

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