The secret meeting I mentioned the other day went well. It was just preliminary meeting to see if the person I met with thought I was crazy with my ideas of if I should continue exploring the option. He is such a great person, warm, affable, and was encouraging. No promises (are there ever?) but a genuine and welcoming sense of encouragement despite the potential issue I rose.

So I have a bit of work to do over the break to get something to him and we will see what happens. I truly believe if it is meant to be it will work out. I promise more details when I feel a little less vague about things myself.

For now I am on vacation until January 3rd and that is enough for me!

To kick off the vacation I am having a “sleepover” with my niece. (Soon I am going to have to start differentiating between the two of them but for now, it’s usually the older one I am talking about. She came over and like all 3 year olds she was utterly thrilled at a night of playing CandyLand and watching Rudolph.

Tomorrow, after a much earlier start that I am used to, we are going to walk Marley, have a special breakfast of waffles and berries and then, play in the snow (?). I am hoping we get enough snow to play in. Otherwise I need a Plan B.

2 replies on “CandyLand and Rudolph.

  1. sounds like great sleep-over plans! Funny thing: every time I hear or read the word "affable," I instantly think of "Curb Your Enthusiasm: and the episode with the dermatologist.

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