Sometimes you can find joy in the most unexpected places! Today Wh*le  Fo*ods was an adult version of the North Pole. It was PACKED but everyone was in a great mood! They were giving out freebies, still stocking the shelves, and finding JOY in the produce!

While I was waiting to pick up some mini pastries at the Bakery I was so surprised that they were still baking so.many new treats. A few days ago when I was here, I asked someone what they do with all the Christmas treats that don’t get sold – did the employees get to take some home? (please don’t tell me they get wasted) and I was so happy to hear that it gets donated to shelters in the area! How fantastic. Imagine waking up and finding out that you have these as a treat. I am sure it will brighten the day for those less fortunate. In this case I hope they have a whole lot of leftover Christmas – donate not wasted! I imagine many markets do this kind of donation these days but no other market has cupcakes like these!

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