Simple is beautiful. Quiet and calm is wonderful. Hustle and bustle has it’s place but peaceful is well, it’s great too. I think this is the first Christmas Eve in a long time where I have been utterly relaxed and it feels pretty fantastic.

Mom and Dad came over around 4:00 PM and we had appetizers shrimp cocktail and brie with crackers, some wine and we just chatted and reminisced about Christmases past. We exchanged a few gifts that we hadn’t already given each other. We had a nice dinner around 6:00 PM (roast chicken, “cheesy potatoes”, broccoli) and then took the dogs for a walk. I had gotten 4 mini desserts (key lime cheesecake, carrot cake, cannolis, and pecan pie) so we got to have a taste of everything without getting overstuffed.

Tomorrow we are going to 9:00 AM mass which means I will have to be up early to tend to the “farm” first – walk the dogs, feed the cats, and make myself presentable!

One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. the best part of my Xmas visit was just chilling out on the comfy sofa in my mom's house w. a fire, snack and great old movies…I made a great dinner for us of chicken cutlets, baked ziti and greek salad, then 9pm non-crowded mass. Xmas day was more chaotic…wish we could have just relaxed some more…

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