You know what they say, “let sleeping dogs lie”, at least until the cats come sneaking in and all hell breaks loose. LOL.
That was what my day was like today – Christmas and all!
I awoke not to a noise on the roof of 8 tiny reindeer but to the noise of a dog throwing up rocks on my comforter while I was still in the bed! Not my dog – remember the poor gal is too old to get up on the bed – and – she doesn’t eat rocks – BUT apparently my brother’s dog did!
So off to the Laundromat I went before starting Christmas Festivities. 
With that out of the way Christmas was nice. Different from Christmases past. It was nice (I said that didn’t I?) but without any kids around it was quiet and not quite as magical, but very grown up. We had an amazing meal cooked by my mom. She made the most amazing peach bread pudding for dessert! The thing is – we had all traded gifts earlier in the week for different reasons so today, on Christmas we didn’t exchange gifts. Something about tattered wrapping paper and opened gifts under the tree just makes it all more Christmasy to me.
Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining and I am content as I settled into for the evening. The dogs are sleeping, the tree is twinkling and I am watching Pride and Prejudice and feeling cozy and grateful for my life.

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