Overnight we definitely got the snow they said was coming! It’s hard to say exactly how much because there is so much drifting. On average I think we got about 12 inches but with drifts there is definitely over 15 inches in some areas.

My first trip outside was just long enough to shovel a path into the backyard for the dogs. My brother’s dog, Shiva can easily bound through the drifts and she loves playing in it, leaping and launching herself over whatever is in her way. Marley? Well the poor girl can’t leap and bound but she gives it her best effort and then looks at me as if to say, “Really? Isn’t there an easier way?” Her age definitely shows when she is matched up against the spryness of Shiva’s young age, but you know what? Her age also shows how sweet she is. 
Dad came by and helped shovel out the driveway – because of course my brother’s snowblower doesn’t work. Since it used to be my snowblower last year so it could *maybe* be something I did? 
We are all now back inside warm and cozy for the next few hours. I am heading over to my friend Christine’s house tonight for dinner – just have to get out of the house for a bit. 
Tomorrow should be back to normal around here and then I will go dig out my own house (but I am still hoping that maybe the landlord has someone come by again!)

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