I wish I could say I did not just join a gym and make some cliche New Year’s Resolution to actually go.

I wish I could say that. But I can’t. I did. Oh boy.

What’s my goal in all of this?

image from sodahead

Ok that might be a little ambitious. Plus it would take forever for me to grow my hair that long. Oh, right the hair is the least of my problems. Ha. Maybe I will just focus on getting rid of the jiggle under my arms, perhaps get rid of some of the buthigh (the part of your leg near your hip that is part put, part thigh), and maybe be able to run a mile. One thing at a time of course!

My friend Christine and I went and toured two gyms and I decided to go for it with the 2nd one. She decided to go for it with a third one that she had already visited. You think we would have joined the same one, but our health insurances each reimburse part of the cost but not at the same guys – life can be so cruel.

What wasn’t cruel was the very tall, very handsome man who gave us the tour and who I have a freee personal training session with tomorrow. The most embarrassing moment tomorrow will be when he realizes I can’t run a half mile. The most embarrassing moment tonight was when I asked if the photo on his desk was of his little boy and he said yes, and I immediately instinctively looked down at his ring finger – and he caught me – and he totally called me out on it joking with me. Christine said he was flirting but honestly I am sure it is was just his ploy to get me to sign on the dotted line.

Apparently it worked.

Gyms have gotten quite a bit more reasonable it seems. I was able to sign up for $15 a month, $50 signup fee and NO contract.  No contract is key for me because I have no idea how long my insanity will last about going to a gym. 30 days notice and I can cancel.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be looking for the out clause before I even start?

3 replies on “I did not just join a gym

  1. I am shopping around as well. I currently go to a gym that's only $10 a month but it's small and no classes. There's one across the street from my work I might look into. I want to see what my new insurance will cover first.

  2. it is a cliche, but good for you! I hate having to leave the house and exercise w. other people so I prefer workout dvds at home. I need to start doing them more often this year; I have a few I really enjoy.

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