So resolutions are resolutions and I always hate to make them because then I feel the pressure of keeping them and the fear of breaking them or falling short, but yet I feel compelled to make a list of some kind anyway – so call it what you will – resolutions, goals, hopes…..

Many of my goals are financial – to get myself finally sorted out for my future but not all of them. I’d like to:

1. Pay off the remaining consolidation loan I have left from my divorce. If I make only the required payments it will be paid off in March 2012 but I am hopeful that with a little effort, I can get it paid off by the end of 2011.

2. Pay off at least one of my two credit cards. The balances are not huge but just big enough to be annoying and not get paid off all at once.

3. Double what I contribute to my retirement fund, starting in October 2011 when I turn 40. At my company when you turn 40 the will start contributing 10% of my salary (instead of 5%) I would like to match this in what I donate.

4. Do the bet I can to continue to grow my emergency fund/savings. This means no fancy vacations or summer rentals in my future.

5. Not all of my goals are financial – some of them are as simple as skincare. Reducing just some of what they call “fine lines” and make my skin a little brighter would make 2011 rock for me, especially since I am turing 40 later this year! I got a free sample of Kiehls Vitamin C Concentrate and it has made make my skin feel great!

6. Work on exploring other departments at my current job to work in a department that is less IT and more student/staff services focused.

7. Be kind and patient with myself around relationships and know that my next relationship will happen in its own time when it is meant to.

8. Remind myself that I have all year to work on these things and I don’t need to do it all in January so I don’t burn out on (yes I am impatient like that!)

So all of these things make me feel like my word of the year is right on:

                                                                image from

I want to nourish myself in 2011. I want to nourish my creativity, take more photos, nourish my finances, grow the savings, reduce the debt, nourish my skin, nourish my body, work out and most of all nourish myself by being kind to myself.

What are you going to be up to in 2011?

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