Meeting people is always interesting. I am an avid people watcher and behavior fascinates me in general so I thought I would enjoy dating again more than I do. It’s not that it’s terrible, it’s just awkward.

Today I met RC. We “met” via the world of online dating and we have been chatting and emailing for a few weeks now and decided to meet in Fanueil Hall and take it from there. Overall I think we had a nice time, but it was a little awkward for me. He talked quite a bit about himself and his best friend and about bars and drinking. I mean I am always up for a good dinner and drinks but any topic that came up (camping, sanibel – his family goes there too) always ended up on the topic of drinks/bars.
I guess I would have preferred if he asked me at least a little more about myself. It wasn’t bad, he talked a lot, and for me (a talker) to say that means he really did talk a lot! We had a nice lunch at a little place in Fanueil Hall and he did offer to pick up the check. He walked me to my car and gave me a hug and a little smooch on my cheek.
A second date? The verdict is still out on that. I want to feel head over heels for someone and feel a real giddiness after meeting them. Is that too much to ask?

3 replies on “Head over heels please

  1. I guess I am the wrong one to ask. Hubby and I were friends for so long before it turned into romance. I mean…years! Then one day, a spark ignited. I think I trusted it more because I actually knew him so well.

  2. It's good to see you out and about in the dating world 🙂 With Rich and I, it wasn't head over heals right away. I think I had my guard up for a long time, because I've always met the wrong guys. Then one day I just let it down and the rest is history. Just follow your instinct, and you can't go wrong.

  3. It sounds like maybe he was a little nervous? After what you've dealt with in the past with immature guys (ahem) maybe an overgrown bar-hopper isn't what you need right now, though.Have fun with your dates!

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