Digging out of this should be fun! Luckily my landlord will have someone come and plow it out. The question is when. They said “later today” so I am hoping that means sometime before tomorrow morning. If not I am looking at another day of working from home because as self-sufficient as I may be I simply cannot shovel out that driveway on my own.
Working from home today proved to be productive and I got drafts of the 2 documents I need to do done, and sent off for team input before lunch. Then I spent over an hour shoveling off my front steps just so I can get poor Marley out to the street to walk!
The thing that I was hoping would happen at work isn’t going to pan out. The job I was interested in is just too low of a job grade for me and it would mean a pay cut which I just can’t do right now. At least I was able to find this out before actually applying, so no one has to know I was “looking.” It is unfortunate because there is an undercurrent in my current department that is really unsettling. I won’t get into the details here other than to say it is a little unnerving.
Here’s to hoping my night and shining plowers/snowblowers show up soon!

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