click to enlarge – it’s so much better!
Ironically I worked more from home today then when I am in the office! The good news is a got a lot accomplished. The bad news is my driveway is still all jammed up with snow. 
Now that the plow has had all day to go by and put more snow in front of the driveway it is up to my waist! Around 6:00 my landlord’s sister came down to tell me that she received a call that the plowers would not be able to make it by today. They are going to come tomorrow!
So I get a ride to work tomorrow and hope that they come by! My landlord’s sister was so pissed at them for not coming and so apologetic for me for them not coming.  I shoveled a little path for Marley and that will be all we need until “help” arrives! Back to the office tomorrow – snow and all!

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