The guys came early this morning to plow the driveway out. After some hemming and haw-ing between them and the landlord’s sister-in-law and a lot of loud talking in Brazilian, the driveway and sidewalk got plowed out in under an hour. Before my landlord left on vacation I had mentioned (in passing) that my dad could help dig out while they were on vacation – not even thinking that my parents are in FL for 5 weeks.
So I mention it in passing, he takes it as set in stone and doesn’t make plans for the plow guys to come. So when they don’t show up and the sister-in-law calls to have them come – well that is when the chaos ensues. Apparently she isn’t/wasn’t supposed to call them.
Who knew. I mean they work for my landlord, he owns a contracting company. But anyway it caused all this chaos. My landlord’s sister-in-law was so nice to me about it all. I appreciate how nice she was and felt bad that she has had to deal with this while they were on vacation.
Which is why I feel especially bad that I hit, backed into, gently side tapped her new car backing into the driveway tonight.
Some scratches and the tiniest little dent on the wheel well. I of course will pay for any damage she feels needs to be repaired, but I am hoping, no, PRAYING that she doesn’t decide to take it to some shop that convinces her she needs the whole wheel well panel replaced. 
Damn skinny driveway and snowbanks! 

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