Thirteen Random Things I Thought About in the Last 24 Hours
(while I had the worst stomach bug ever)

  1. What the HELL is happening to me?
  2. Where did I get this from?
  3. What if I get really sick and no one knows and I die here (I called my sister-in-law to tell her I was sick – just in case).
  4. Should I use my toothbrush tomorrow or wait till I get a new one?
  5. What are the credentials/training that someone needs to be A Secret Service Agent to the President and his family (yes seriously I thought this).
  6. Does ginger-ale help as much when I don’t have a bendy straw?
  7. I really do like Steven Tyler on American Idol
  8. Is Marley really as bored as she looks staring at me with those pitiful eyes?
  9. I better be better by Friday (I will be).
  10. Too much daytime TV really does make me stir crazy
  11. Tea is better when boiled on the stove than made in the microwave –  I need a teapot
  12. I really do have great friends who listen to me when I am cooped up at home.
  13. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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10 replies on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. This was pretty funny! I haven't heard of the Thursday 13 before. I may have to play next week. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. I hope you are feeling better now. Your trip to a warmer climate sounds like just the medicine. Have fun! Candace

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