After an uneventful flight down I am here in Sanibel! It is cool today about 60-degrees but tomorrow and the next few days are predicted to me sunnier and warmer. I doubt we will see temps higher than 75-degrees but that’s OK. I don’t see snow and that’s all I need!

I read for almost the entire flight down, I am reading The Girl Who Played with Fire and I love it! I watched the movie of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I am glad because now I have names with faces kind of thing to go on as I read the second book. I think I will be done with The Girl who Played with Fire by mid week!
We went out to dinner at one of the local little Italian places Mezzaluna and now we are just hanging out at the condo. No plan yet for tomorrow but that is what I love about this vacation. No plans, it just all about whatever comes our way!

3 replies on “Safe and Sound

  1. omygosh! I'm so jealous of those temps! What a beautiful part of Florida to visit too! Enjoy your vacation and think of all of us poor people up in New England just waiting on another storm that's coming in Wednesday. 🙂

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