house with the orange doors – can I live here please!?
After a night of wild wind, rain, and some tornado warnings, this morning is looking brighter. It’s amazing how fast the weather changes down here. The clouds are literally flying by in the sky this morning as the effects of last night’s weather roll on out.
Yesterday I walked on the beach for almost 2 hours, just meandering along poking at all of the shells, and picking up a few. When my family first started coming here we would collect THOUSANDS (and I am not exaggerating) of shells. Now, over the years everyone has become more selective. Each of us can name all of the shells and tell some random facts about each one. For example did you know that the perfectly round little holes that you find in shells are not from birds, but from another sea creature that has the ability to latch on and suck a hole right through the shell?! A birds beak would cause cracks.
After the beach we headed to our favorite little cafe for breakfast. It was a hard trip to make for my mom’s friend since she was at this cafe almost exactly a year to the day ago when she got the call that he husband had passed away back at home. We shared a few memories of him and toasted with some of the most delicious orange juice ever – we are in Florida, land of the oranges after all.
The afternoon was about hanging out by the pool for a bit a reading until the clouds started to come in. Then we played a game called Mexican Train, kind of like dominoes. 
Around 5:00 we headed over for cocktails to our “neighbor’s” unit next door. My parent’s have become friends with them over the years they have been coming here.  We wrapped up with dinner in the condo of salad and chicken and a night of relaxing and reading.

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