Today is a perfect Sunday. Not much planned but getting quite a bit done without being frantic.

I have spent the last hour catching up on the not so fun task of paying bills and getting my budget set up for the year. I set it up at the start of every year and then just tweak it month to month to accommodate for the changes (aka life happens). Riveting right?

I always get a little edgy around tax time. I will get my taxes done on Saturday the 5th and I *think* I will get a refund this year. Fingers crossed as it will help pay some bills and grow a little savings.

I found a photography class that I am interested in taking. The next session will start in March and it fills up fast so I will have to make sure to check often for when registration starts. Beginning Digital Camera (you have to scroll down to see the description). There is a creative side to photography but there is also the basics of how to use all the manual settings on my camera!

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my friend M. Her husband is Chinese and the theme of the shower was “Year of the Rabbit”. Her sister make these adorable decorations that were hung everywhere!

And they had these amazing tulips on every table. It was such a nice shot of Spring in this dreary, very snowy winter!

I was able to chat a bit with another woman who works in a different department from me at work. There may be some opportunities in her department coming up and she seemed quite upbeat when I said, “please keep me in mind.”So I am still keeping my eyes WIDE open for opportunities for change.

Whatever you do today – do something with color. Drink a glass of bright orange juice, wear your brightest sweater, buy a single brightly colored flower. In short – THINK SPRING. It can’t snow forever….can it?

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