Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Right now! (borrowed from Janet who borrowed it from Dawn)

1. I am thinking…“wouldn’t it be great if Marely would stop staring at me and whining!” Silly dog thinks I am at her beckon call for belly rubs and ear scratches!

2. I am thankful for…the warmth in my living room. I know it is a simple thing but this winter warmth is pretty big deal!

3. From the kitchen…comes practical food these days. Cooking gourmet for one isn’t any fun!

4. I am wearing…work clothes still. Comfy pajamas are in my near future.

5. I am creating…more space in my life for simple things, less worry and more gratuity.

6. I am going…to be hunkering down near home. No more vacations for me for awhile.

7. I am reading…nothing at the moment! Shocking I know! I finished my last book on vacation and need to figure out what to read next!

8. I am hoping…that my tax appointment goes well this Saturday!

9. I am hearing…the sound of the tv, the space heater….gosh who really cares!

10. Around the house…there are always things that can be done, but sometimes it is nice to just sit and be content.

11. One of my favorite things…just one? The warm chocolate chip cookies that my sister-in-law makes.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week…tomorrow night I am catching up with a co-worker/friend over a after work drink, Saturday a hair appt and taxes, and Sunday a little bit of SuperBowl Sunday!

13. A picture to share…

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