All in all today gets an 8.5 on the scale! It would have been a 10 if (a) the sun had been out and (b) I won the lottery.

I started the day off with a trip to my favorite salon to see Heather and get my hair cut and colored. I don’t know about you but there is something about someone else washing, cutting, coloring and blowdrying my hair that just makes me feel more glamourous – especially in the dreary winter.
I walked out feeling a littler better about myself than when I went in. Next stop – tax appointment (argh!). Having my taxes done are the single most stressful event of my year, even though I always set extra money aside to ensure that I don’t owe. This year because of the sale of our home during the divorce, I knew I would have to pay some capitals gains taxes (the curse of actually making a profit and not living there for a full 2 years) and I had to pay back the $7,500 home buyer credit. Knowing this was coming it was set aside from the sale of the house – but I was still nervous.
It turned out OK. I got a refund. Nothing grand but enough that I can have a little savings now. Something about being single makes me feel the need to have a nest egg even more than when I was married. It still falls short of what would make me really comfortable, but it’s a start.
So new hair – check
Tax refund out of the way for another year – check
Quiet night at Panera (I love sitting by their fireplace, it gets me out of the house!) doing administrative-y type stuff  budgets, bills, beneficiary forms etc. – check
I will leave you with this – have you ever tried If not go check it out. If you are like me and all over the place – with a little set up it puts all your accounts in front of you in one place. A little more set up will get you going with an easy budget. It seems like Quicken but it is free and MUCH easier to use. Plus I am keen on the pretty interface.
And no, no one paid me to write that!

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