My day started off with a bang today. I don’t normally drink coffee and this morning I had a full medium Dunkin Donuts coffee. I wanted to conquer the world all before lunch!

I am not sure why but this week I had a hard time focusing at work. Maybe it was because I can feel that Spring is JUST around the corner. Yes, it is still freezing out, yes we are expecting more snow Sunday but the days are getting longer. It is still light out now when I leave work. I can hear birds chirping from somewhere on the sunnier days. On the days the sun is out it is pretty, and I can feel the spring out there under the ugly, frozen banks of snow.

It might be wishful thinking but I’m calling it positive thinking!

The other distraction was the though of puppies running through my head. The do I/ don’t I mental conversation. I really want to. I have an appointment to meet with a breeder at the end of this month. Then I feel guilty about even thinking about a breeder when there are so many dogs already out there that need a home. I mean really LOOK at her pleading eyes! My primary reason for going with a breeder is I think Marley will gel better with a new housemate that she gets to know as a teeny puppy.

The fate of all this really lies in one person’s hands – my landlord. He loves Marley and is completely happy with me as a dog owning tenant, but I still have to ask his permission. Soon, sometime in the next week or two. If he says no, well he says no and I wait.

Again, I am going to think positively.

What are you hoping for and thinking positively about?

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