Sometimes we see our pets age in ways that suddenly strikes us hard, and fast and well, it made me sad tonight.

Marley has always alternated between laying on her dog bed and getting up on the wide stuffed chair. She has done this for years – always. Up, down, up, down. It has gotten harder and harder for her to get up on the chair as she gets older, she usually hesitates and then with a little, “up, up, you can do it” coaching from me she does it.

Not tonight. She hesitated, started, backed up, looked at me, hesitated, was about to try, tried again, looked at me. I went over to help her and she just backed up and laid down on the floor.

I start getting all teary-eyed * She senses this and licks my face * Who is helping who here?

She is not any sicker or older than she was this morning or yesterday. Aging happens slowly, sometimes so slowly we hardly notice. And then all of a sudden it hits us in the face and sends us reeling.

I am not aiming to be be dramatic. I am just very sad. I want another 12 years with my girl. Where she knows me, my cues, aw damn.

She’s OK, she’s old, she’s getting older, but she’s OK.

I think I am the one who is a mess of tears tonight.

7 replies on “Sometimes it’s just sad

  1. We had a lovely dog named Sox. She went deaf and blind and had arthritis which made it difficult for her to get around. One day she just couldn't stand up, it was the hardest day. Still makes me cry. It's hard watching them get old.

  2. Hardest. Thing. Ever. I hated watching B deteriorate. Now M-dog is on that path too- not with cancer (knock on wood) but just bad joints and old age.Maybe we love them so much because we have to pack a 'lifetime' (in our time perspective) of loving into 10-12 years.{{hugs}}

  3. So sorry to hear that. We have two 12-yr-olds (border collies) and while they're doing OK at the moment, I do watch them slow up and my heart breaks for them. And for us, too.

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