I have not had much luck eating out recently. Usually the meals are “OK” usually not worth the price paid, so I have been shying away from going out. It just makes me so frustrated to spend a decent amount of money on a meal and come away feeling nothing better than, “Meh, it was OK.”

Today I went with a friend to The Disco Brunch at Gargoyles in Davis Sq . and had the best brunch I have had in years!
The Disco part consisted of Disco music and some disco beads and light sticks on the table. I loved the soundtrack they had going and unlike most places, it was a reasonable volume and not too loud (but loud enough to sing along!)
First major thumbs up goes to the friendly waitress and the second BIG thumbs up goes to the perfectly made Bloody Mary’s! I should have had another one — well, I will have to go back!
We shared an appetizer of potato pancakes that were delicious and then we each got an order of Ranchos Huervos and I had a side of bacon.
Did I mention how perfect the Bloody Mary’s were? 
The perfect brunch turned into the perfect day. After a short nap (remember the perfect Bloody Mary!) I did some laundry and went on a nice walk with Marley  – cold or not it is great to have the sun out! Then I headed over to my brother’s to give him his (belated) birthday gift. 
In the evening it was up to my friend’s house (she got to see me TWICE today!) where her boyfriend made the most amazing ricotta stuffed chicken and linguini and we watched “On Golden Pond”, It has been years since I have seen that move and it is such a great one.
So two great meals in one day. A great movie. Good friends. Sunshine and puppies. Oh, yes, and no work tomorrow. Really a great day!

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