I would like a do-over today please.
Is a do-over of today really just called tomorrow?

There are days when we should all not speak. Today was one of those days for me. By 10:15 AM I already knew I should retreat into a vow of silence for the rest of the day.

Why I didn’t stop while I was ahead (or only slightly behind) is beyond me. But by the end of my day I decided I am not speaking unless spoken to at the office for the foreseeable future. A vow of nun silence. I am certainly not sharing of offering my opinion on anything. Not on my role, my job, or my tasks. Drastic maybe, dramatic maybe a little. Will it last? At least for a few days.

It takes a lot for me to feel defensive at work – frustrated comes more easily but defensive takes a lot. Lately there has been one person who quite frankly pushes my buttons. It is no secret that she thinks she should have my job as part of her job. I believe this because she has told people she believes this. Maybe she can do my job, maybe she can’t.

For a year I have negotiated the boundaries of my role, tried to clarify and be concise about what does and does not fall in my domain and in this person’s domain. I have been professional and sought input from the right people. But now I feel like it is some else’s turn to tell this person to dial it back/take a step back/ease up whatever.

I am done, I am tired. If you are looking for me I will be around. Not talking.

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