I haven’t been doing many Thursday Thirteen’s lately but I realized that I have quite a few random thoughts lately so with no further ado.

Typical Libra’s 13 most random thoughts:

1.  I am over the moon excited at the thought of being a new doggie mom in a few months; I am also simultaneously terrified of the puppiness of a new puppy (read: terrified of all that ENERGY and neediness) – but mostly I am excited!

2.  I have been reading a new blog “Single Infertile Female” and while our situations are different – we are both infertile – recently she has been writing about her fears of adoption:

I have a lot of fears about adoption. A lot of things that honestly leave me wondering if I’ll ever actually do it. Lately, I’ve even been trying to wrap my head around the idea of being child free. A lifetime of traveling and doing what I want when I want. I’ll be honest when I say that I find myself losing my ability to breathe a lot when I try to contemplate that scenario. But still… I worry about adoption. About it’s future role in my life. 

While I am beyond this in my own journey, I remember the fears and the questions; truthfully the question of, “should I? what if I? am I OK without?” still crop up, but I am finding comfort in my path at the moment.

3.  Tomorrow is Friday, my boss has the day off. Should I say it will be an eas (ier) day or a productive day?

4.  I have really been craving a kiss that knocks me off of feet lately. Anyone?

5.  Wondering if I should take a full week off this summer or if I should take Friday’s off for 6 weeks instead?

6.  Bon Jovi is coming to town and I really (REALLY) want to get tickets and go. Anyone? – Update: tickets are sold out and crazy expensive through ticket brokers *sigh*.

7. I am starting to think I didn’t really have 13 random thoughts in my head!

8. Well I guess I am stopping at 8 because Grey’s Anatomy is on!

I’ll leave us all with this

photo from: http://thenjunderground.com/blog

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