Spring will be here soon. It will. I am not going to be deterred by the weather today. We were lucky here it was mostly rain which helped melt the ugly piles of dirty snow. 
I am heading to VT with Janet  tomorrow to meet the breeder and the mommy dog who is having the puppies.  We are supposed to get more snow on Sunday (and there is always more snow in VT) so whether or not we stay over is up in the air, and we are going to play it by ear.
Yes, I just said, “play it by ear” as in not have a concrete plan. Shocking I know – seriously I am tryign to be more chill about things lately. At times, it makes me feel realyl stressed to be chill – does that make sense? I figure even in it feels a little forced right now, over time it will become like muscle memory and at some point maybe I will actually BE more chill.
A plan to not have a plan – so Typically Libra – so typcially me.
Tomorrow I will be able to find out when the puppies will be born. Once they are born I will head up again within the first week and choose my little guy. Then I can visit once a week if I want until I can pick him up at 10 weeks old (so sometime in May).  Given the distance I won’t go every week but I will be heading up at least once or twice!

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