I don’t have a little dog yet, but yesterday a friend of mine had a mini daschund scare. Her dog sleeps with her (of course) and last night fell off the bed in the middle of the night and broke her little leg!

She (the dog) is at Angel Memorial today and will have surgery tomorrow to put a pin in the break and cast her up. I don’t know the exact details of why they are waiting btu I am guessing swelling?

I am very confident that the puppy will heal up and be fine; dogs are resilient like that but her bank account? Yikes it will cost something like $2,900!

What this teaches me as an about to be owner of a little dog – put guard rails up on my bed (ha imagine how that would look?) and look into adding my new little guy to pet insurance. We had pet insurance for Marley and it helped with some of the bigger expenses (stitches), but unless you have a BIG cost like broken leg, well, I am on the fence if it is worth it.

One thought on “ouch!

  1. Oh my gosh, how awful! And scary. My dog has fallen off our bed several times – it scares me every time! But she is bigger – she's half lab, half pit bull, so I guess she can handle a bigger fall. But we might need a bigger bed 😉

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