I did it! I signed up for my first photography class. At the end of the month I start an 8-week course on Basic Digital Photography at the New England School of Photography.
Of course to take the class I needed a real SLR camera. I went with just the base model Canon XS. It is an older model but very user friendly according to the reviews and well to be honest it was the most in the right price range.
This is the camera with the lens it comes with.

Instead of getting the camera and lens kit that come together. I purchased just the body of the camera and at the suggestion of Janet, I decided to go with  a 50mmf/1.8 II Autofocus lens instead. Something about slower f stop and more light?
See, I need the class I have a lot to learn.

So why a photography course? I love taking photos, of animals, of my nieces, and well, of any thing that catches my eye, and I feel like I need to get out of my house and do something other than go out to eat. This winter more than every before I have felt cooped up, and even now as Spring starts to edge into view, I am finding myself restless so getting out of the house with a purpose can only be good for me!
Stay tuned, many photos to come for sure.

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