Today was a crazy day. Not good, not bad, Just crazy. In the morning, it was like I had a revolving door at my office only I don’t have an office I have a cube. The afternoon was a series of interesting but also overwhelming meetings. Overwhelming in the sense of, “I love all these ideas, but with the deadlines we have where do we have the time to even think about all the creative stuff?”

So basically it was a day at work. As I have said before, I can handle anything on a Friday; and I can handle almost anything on a Thursday because I know Friday is next.

About a week and a half ago I launched a product for a partner department in our organization. I worked on it mostly with one other woman from my group and while it was a big project it went smoothly mostly because the partner asking for the work was reasonable, sane, and carried their end of the workload. I have worked on very similar, but much smaller project that have been harder because, well – the partner is difficult for any number of reasons.

So the short of it is, I really enjoyed this project and I liked the people I worked with on the Partner team. I enjoyed my job on this.  This is why I was utterly floored today to find out that the Partner had arranged for me and my co-worker to each receive an Amex gift cards as a, “Thank you”.  They came along with a nice letter that was copied to our boss.

The Partner I enjoy working most with thanks me for doing my job. See world, it is pretty easy to say thank you. I really appreciate it and honestly (and I mean this) even just the letter copied to my boss would have been enough to make my day.

Tomorrow, take a moment to stop in your day and go say, “Thank you” to someone that you work with. If you can send an email thanking them, and copy their boss. It will really make someone’s day.

Seriously, go do it….

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